The FlyingCat 52 is designed to carry both passengers and cars.
The FC 52 concept was introduced in 1998 and has been produced as passenger only versions and passenger and car versions.

Passenger areas sports an enviable level of comfort. On board you can enjoy the panoramic saloons, a first class forward lounge providing vistas from three sides, cafeteria, comfortable recliner seats (some with tables)..

Light and view from five directions; left, right, forward, aft and up

High level of onboard comfort


             Two designs, one concept

Since 1998 the concept has been continuously improved and developed. The FC 52 delivered to German company FRS in 2003 has a capacity of 580 passengers and a service speed of 36 knots (67km/h). We consider this to be an unofficial world record in passenger capacity as well as in low fuel consumption for this size of fast ferry. (This complies with our design strategy, which is combining passenger comfort, high redundancy and operating cost efficiency)

The FC52 can be delivered with a two or four point Motion Dampening System

Side loading and space for more than 30 cars
Four independent engines and waterjets

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